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We have recently designed and built our office for your comfort and relaxation.  Every aspect has been developed with a home in mind!  Plush carpeting, radio, television and many other features have been included in the design. We want you to feel as comfortable as you would while you’re relaxing in your own home!

  • Reception Room - We have taken the traditional reception room with stiff chairs and a thin carpet or linoleum, and transformed it into an area of relaxation!  We have comfortable seating; thick carpeting, television, and an array of magazines that will make you want to stay even after your appointment is over!


  • Treatment Centers - Our treatment centers are not only designed with comfort in mind, but are chock-full of technology!  From television to intra-oral cameras to ergonomically designed chairs, we want you to be so comfortable you’ll want to stay a little while longer.


  • Office Management Area – Our office management area is designed with efficiency and comfort in mind, both for the team and the patients.


  • Sterilization Area - This is an area you may never enter, but we want you to know that OSHA rules and regulations are followed, and that all instruments are properly sterilized before use in your mouth.


(973) 209 - 6252 ~ 15 VERNON AVENUE, SUITE 101 ~ HAMBURG, NJ 07419        

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